Transport? Then Variola!

The name Trans Variola V4 Kft. is synonymous with perfect transportation.


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EU shipping, V4 transport, PolandOne of the slogans of our company is V4 Transport, as we are specialists in the Visegrád countries. Poland is almost a second home for us: we know the market thoroughly, we speak the language and we are constantly looking for new opportunities. Precision, speed and perfect safety characterise our work. Of course, we do not only ship to the area of the V4s. Any EU delivery can also be easily solved and this should not be a problem for our team either.


„Witam!” – say Poles say instead of our ‘Szervusz (‘Hello’ in Hungarian)’ when we meet them.


But what do they say when they think of a perfect delivery? They say this: „Variola”.

Our team:


Who are we?

Precision, speed, damage-free: Variola Sped is a specialist in the Visegrád countries and it is familiar with the rules of the European Union. Our colleagues have extensive experience in shipping, speak several languages and are able to deal with a variety of situations.

How do we work?

We arrange permits for shipping and we handle all paperwork.


Thus, you do not have to deal with transportation and the related legal background.

Where can you find us?

Our company has continued its forwarding activities in the region of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, providing outstanding export-import transport services. Today, we cover most areas of the European Union, from the first stroke of a pencil to the unloading of goods.

With what do we ship?

Thanks to our fleet of hundreds of trucks, we can offer vehicles with different load capacities to suit your needs.


At what price?

When creating quotes, we always strive to provide the optimal solution for our partners. However, to achieve that, we must reach an agreement.


Safe and Secure?

Our faultless IT system checks and manages every transport order. Of course, all shipments are insured.


Do we ship everything?

We have not yet said no to even the most extreme delivery requests. Once we have persuaded you to allow us to ship your goods, do not wait so that you do not cause any delay to the products either.

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