ADR transport of dangerous goods and oversized goods


We are not afraid of hazardous materials. We undertake the reliable and precise delivery of these products.


In the case of international transport and forwarding, products made of hazardous materials often need to be transported abroad safely. Based on a prior discussion - during which we clarify exactly the task that we need to tackle - we can ensure that the shipment reaches its destination easily and safely.


What types of special cargo can you entrust us with?

  • oversized
  • overweight
  • ADR
  • flammable goods and goods that represent a fire hazard


ADR transport of dangerous goods

ADR is the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. The requirements of the ADR are constantly being developed. Amendments and additions usually take effect every 2 years. Many people tend to underestimate the risk of transporting dangerous goods, but the employees of Variola Sped Kft. constantly monitor the legal regulations and ensure the conditions for safe transport without any breaches of the legal constraints.


All persons involved in the transport of dangerous goods are fully responsible for the area in which they are involved. Our employees have sufficient knowledge and experience to handle the shipment entrusted to us in an orderly and responsible manner, in accordance with the relevant ADR class.


How can we help in relation to ADR goods?

  • Careful planning
  • We help you manage and obtain special documents
  • You can entrust us with the professional marking of vehicles in accordance with the given ADR class
  • We ensure legal delivery, including the regular process of temporary storage, packing of goods, and loading and unloading


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