To import from China with Variola


After we have agreed on the details regarding the transport and the needs, it is important that our expert transport organizers decide which transport method to choose for the transport of the given product, since the parameters of the cargo can greatly influence the conditions under which it will be taken from point A to B.


Influencing factors when choosing a delivery method:

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Value
  • Special delivery parameters
  • Urgency


Air, rail and sea modes of transportation are very different from each other. You can find out more about these features with the help of our colleagues and our description below. 


Rail transport:

You can save transit time with it (this amount is 3-4 weeks), it is a fast, reliable solution, and a popular form of delivery.


Air transport:

This is the fastest way of transport, as air transport is the fastest, but also the most expensive. Fees can even change daily. The transit time ranges from 3 to 12 days, as major delays occur here in relatively fewer cases. The advantage is that dangerous cargo can also be transported using it, and transport can be solved by direct flight.


Water transportation:

Nowadays, this is the least advantageous form, it should be chosen if the other two are impossible for some reason. Expect a transit time of 6-8 weeks, as delays are common here.


There are many advantages if you choose our Chinese import service, as we take care of everything! With the help of our experts, the most optimal and best delivery method is selected. Your products will be maximally safe, as we take out transport insurance in all cases. Our colleagues also manage the customs clearance and goods delivery processes.


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