Social responsibility have a responsibility!


A big company should be responsible for the rest of society, just like the big brother is responsible for his younger sibling, or the Little Prince is responsible for the Fox. Variola Sped attaches great importance to social responsibility because we believe that we can help those in need or those with a sport talent take the first step towards better lives or the realisation of their abilities. At Trans Variola V4 Kft., our goal is to build active and supportive communication with several segments of society to help others realise their ambitions as well as eliminate and overcome disadvantages.


Family, Child, Love - Together with SOS Children's Villages

At Trans Variola V4 Kft., we strongly believe that not only the future but also the present belongs to children. For a child, a loving atmosphere, a safe environment are paramount. In particular, the fate of orphaned children and those who starve and live in terribly difficult, poor conditions every day are close to our hearts. That is why we have been supporting the work of SOS Children's Villages in Hungary for several years now. . With our regular donations and strong support for their social initiatives, we would like to draw attention to the vital work of this organisation. If we can help them to keep a family together, or overcome poverty, or just find a home for an orphaned child in a new, loving family, then all our support, all the effort, is worth it.


We help because we can, because we want, because we owe it!


Environmental Awareness

In addition to young children, the other most important thing for us is to protect our environment, our planet Earth and our natural resources. Environmentally conscious use of resources in order to reduce environmental pollution as much as possible is no longer a negligible social and personal responsibility. That is why we have created our own branded Eco cleaning products, which contain all-natural ingredients and components that are not harmful to the environment.


On the Hungarian field - supporting Hungarian sports life

We also consider the success of Hungarian, local sport to be crucial and we think it is important that talented local athletes and teams should be able to win. That is why we try to be present not only as advertisers at many Hungarian sports events, but also as sponsors in order to support Hungarian teams and sport associations.

Sport, regular exercise, should be a defining element of every person's life, so we would also like to draw attention to its importance.



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